Tom Robbins for President

One of my favorite authors, Tom Robbins wrote a book entitled, Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates.  

Throughout the book, a parrot yells People of the world, relax!  I enjoyed the book.  Robbins books are imaginative, beautiful, and funny (and obscene). However, I found this message heavy-handed and silly.

However, as I see the anger and the false comparisons meant to elicit anger from all sides on social media, I find myself repeating this phrase.  I want to take it to heart.

It is so difficult to do. People hate BLM. Other people hate the police. Racism and the safety of police officers that need to be solved. Trump supporters are calling Clinton a rapist. The other side is calling Trump a pedophile. There is the same amount of proof on each side, though both should be looked at.

I find my fingers typing angrily. Sometimes I want to be the voice of reason. Sometimes I want to stir up trouble.  And sometimes I want to inflict (nonphysical) pain. But that is not the right answer.

The right answer (and I type this for myself) is not to engage. People arguing with you want attention. Period. You won’t change their mind.  Which seems sad.

But the best I can do is win by being happy. The world will go on, so I should not waste time not enjoying the gift of each day.  By doing so, I can choose kindness and kindness is always the way to go.

Things are getting worse. The only real solution:

People of the world, relax!

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