The Hidden Legacy Carrie Sue Barnes

I met Ms. Barnes at a writer’s event. This is not near my typical genre I read. However, she was such an engaging person that I bought the book.

You will love this book. I loved the book. The story was expansive and the characters engaging. I must admit I do not read often Christian Fiction. But that was okay. Ms. Barnes took the time to have a complex story and complex characters that made the scriptures flow well in the story.  Again, if you want to read stories that include Bible verses, you will love the story.

Laurel is an marketing agent trying to focus on her career after a painful break-up. Yet she remains dutiful as her great-grandma’s only close relative.  It’s more than duty, though, she enjoys Annie’s company. Their connection grows closer as the great-grandmother tells her love story of working as a nurse in WWI.

Both Laurel’s and Annie’s love stories are sweet, tense, and relatable. There are also many supporting characters in this story that spans over 80 years.  Ms. Barnes is able to make them full characters that add to the world she has created while giving just the right amount of information.

This story will have you lingering in your mind in a small cafe in France and in a Michigan as well.

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