Silly Letter to Conservatives

I once voted for whichever candidate appeared to have the most morals. I have voted democrat since Scott Walker ran for governor. Below is a response to the meme how liberals want to ban meat, take away all guns, and give gay people special privileges.

I don’t want all guns outlawed. I want background checks and reasonable procedures for obtaining a gun. I remember when AK47s were outlawed and life and the second amendment went on

I don’t think gay people are trying get more rights than anyone else. They want the same and I believe we should provide it under the separation of church and state. Most Christians believe in gay marriage. As a democrat I understand your sanctity of marriage, but feel you should fight to outlaw divorce first, the real denegation of marriage. If you have true convictions.

I don’t know any democrat that wants to ban meat. But yes, less consumption of animals would lead to a better environment.

I take care of myself and my family, but I know I am lucky and have had opportunities others have not. Jesus did not turn a blind eye to the suffering of others and neither do I. I do not believe socialism works, but do not buy into the label of socialism for safety nets. 

I don’t want to hear your beliefs on God. Do you want to hear mine?  I am a teacher. Do you want me to teach them to your children? (By the way, your religious views are not the same as the founding fathers!)

I went for many years without healthcare. I kept striving to get my own healthcare. I am not judging others. I know people that work hard but are still unable to have healthcare. It is a problem and universal healthcare is a solution. No one has come up with a better one.

Both sides are influenced by meme’s and whataboutisms. We need to label less and support solutions more.


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