Both Sides Can be Right

I wrote this entry a week or so ago. I still believe it. And yet in the interests in making everyone angry with me, I must say I stand with the police. Reforms must happen, but in the case of Breonna Taylor, I feel the boyfriend caused her death by shooting after the police identified themselves.

Here we go:

I get that people see kneeling for the national anthem as terrible.  It is why it is done. I would never a question a veterans anger over it. However, always included in the message is ‘those over-paid, pampered players.” That appears to me the part that gets people ire.

If these people were not celebrities, people might have a different perspective.  People would still disagree with the behavior, but would not be hateful if the people were described as:

  • Broken leg by the police
  • Calle n word
  • Lived in a ghetto created by redlining.
  • Were polite and still pulled out of a car

Are these players not being objective? Are they not taking into account the danger police officers see and of some of the behaviors of those men that were shot? Yes.  But perhaps a kneejerk reaction shows that white people are looking at things from this side of the problem and not from their perspective. Both sides need to listen first.  At this point, lack of trying to understand is getting both sides killed.

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