Does religion make people better?

I know some people that are religious and they are the best people on earth. There are other people that did a lot of wrong things and stopped doing them because they found God.

Yet I do not know that religion made them better people. These people were already searching out  help.  I do not believe that religiousness makes a person better than they are.

There are atheist that are great people.  They do for others and are warm and open. Many terrible things have been done in the name of religion. But I won’t focus on that. I am looking at everyday people. People that you work with and run into at the grocery store. I don’t believe going to church and believing in God really moves the needle from the asshole to angel reading.

Everyone is imperfect. People that read the Bible and try to live their lives like Jesus, would do so anyway. Those that read the Bible and do bad works run the gamut to selectively applying the Bible to their lives when it’s convenient, to ignoring it, to finding passages that vindicate their actions.

I am not calling anyone to not be religious. I encourage spirituality. It has value. Just not when it comes to making people any better or worse.

We call ourselves a religious nation. But does that make us righteous and just? 

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