Holy Cow & Swine Not

Holy Cow: A Novel

reminded me

of Swine Not

By Jimmy Buffett

In that I hated it.

I love Buffet and Duchovny. Holy Cow, however, is hard to comprehend as to what this book actually is  Is it a children’s book? An adult humor book? A fable or a joke?  It is a about a regular milk cow that sees the Box God (a tv) and decides she has to go to India where they do not eat cows.

It reads like a middle school novel. However, it has adult humor and concepts. Duchovony makes an attempt to explain how a cow could book a flight on an airplane, but leaves as many questions as he answers. The author asks the reader to suspend their disbelief. A common trope. However, this has limits.

At the end, he addresses inconsistencies by saying it is just a story, However, he clearly has never been on a farm.

His message is clear and directly on the page. The cow addresses the reader directly and spouts off what is on the author’s mind.  I agree with it, but I wanted a story.

I did read this book, so it kept me turning the page. It however, did not have a satisfying


Holy Cow: A Novel
Holy Cow: A Novel Paperback – April 5, 2016

Swine Not, is a more realistic novel. A family tries to hide a pig in a New York Apartment.

This description is the most interesting/funny part of the book.


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