A friend or a Foe?

Great advice. I also like to think of thoughts as an actually train of thoughts. Let any negative ones stay on the train and go on their way.


The crowd is watching you. All the lights are on you. The moment for which you had worked so hard is finally here.

Will I be able to do this?” you asked

You are very scared. What if you make a mistake? What if the other people laugh at you?” replied your friend

So many people are out there waiting for me, am I really capable?” you asked again

Well… I don’t think it was not your worth that got you here. It was a mere coincidence and your luck, you don’t belong here” replied your friend

Do you want a friend like this?

Such people are your enemies hiding behind the mask of a friend. Nobody wants them but everybody has got at least one of them.

You know who? It is you!

The conversation you read above is what almost…

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