Thelma’s Songs

A special message is a poem and it is in our life events we sometimes find the most beautiful poetry.

They can be lovingly created, but not created to be a poem.  That makes them a found poem.

Found poems are creating poetic pieces out of a pieces of prose.  I often find a newspaper article with some great phrases and pull them out to make into a poem.  I try to take the words in order and not change them.

Recently I realized I had a found poem and I really only had to write down what was said.

Some background.  A little after my Grandma Thelma turned 100, she passed away. My Aunt gave her a special eulogy.  With my uncle on the guitar, she talked about Grandma’s love of music and sang the songs Thelma would sing.  It was a beautiful moment to remember Thelma.

This is the poem.  I almost called it my poem, but really it is my Aunt Joan’s poem.

I would like to add something to the story that is not in the poem.  And that is my dad talking about feeling close to his mom when she would sit down at the piano and sing Buffalo Girls won’t you come out tonight.

So here is the poem.  I think it is clear which parts are sung (marked with musical notes). To me it is the perfect poem.


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