Kelly’s: Hey! We’re on “The Strip”

Oshkosh’s taverns are a big part of its history and so many of them hold onto pieces of past lives.

Riding the Tavern Beer Trail

Gary drove us from The Copper Mule across the Fox River to 219 Wisconsin Avenue on May 21. He pulled the white van into the small parking lot in front of Kelly’s, which sits on the northeast corner of Wisconsin Avenue and High Street. Kelly’s is one of three taverns in

Can’t Miss That Sign

the University area. Since Gary, Marv and Don were in one way or another connected to the University, we have been avoiding these bars mostly frequented mostly by college students. However, the idea that any student would recognize them and ask to have their grade changed is pretty far-fetched since they have been retired for many years. But this was a Tuesday—one day before a student drinking weekend starts—we decided to go to Kelly’s.

We were right. The only student in the place was Madison and she was tending bar. When we commented on the…

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