Book Review- Wyman and the Florida Nights.

Wayman and The Florida Nights by Larry Baker was a page turner.

The first part of the book read like one of the classics in the 19th century. Don’t get me wrong, it was engaging and readable, but I enjoyed the expansive tone. A tone that said this is history and important. As the book progressed to more modern times, the tone became more intimate (as writing as has gotten).

The story of a dynasty of a Florida family that owned a town was engaging and tied together well. Eventually the different stories of the different people in different times tied together, but Baker left off with each person’s story where I was engaged in finding out what happened to them. It left me wanting to know more, but not frustrated because the next people he focused on was also interesting.

I came across this book on the icecubepress website and did not read the back cover. So for me, I forgot about Wyman and found his introduction an interesting story and plot twist.


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