What Part of the Pandemic Made Us Worse

I am one of those people that took precautions during pandemic. I followed the advice from the scientists. Yet I have to consider the ramifications of shutting down our schools and businesses. I see damaged relationship and less happy people. Rudeness and self-centeredness that stems from depression.

Make it a given that it had these effects. However, something had to be done and those that were critical of dealing with the pandemic, must also acknowledge their role. Their approach of not putting others first and reacting with anger added to our current damaged society.

Perhaps without the anger and hostility, we would have been fine.

I see a correlation here with this and welfare. People on the right are convinced that people have this culture of poverty because they are given handouts. I say the better explanation of people of color living in poverty is racism and the judgement by people that have the means and luck to live a life with security.

When people look for the easy answer and for someone to blame, they rarely look at themselves.

Woman in face mask
Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Pexels.com

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