The Importance of Reviews

A review on a blog or on the site you bought a book is the second best way to help an author. The first is to spread word of mouth.

Readers have so many choices. That is why Amazon relies on reviews to promote books. Simply put, they are more likely to spotlight a book if it has more than 20 reviews. However, most of us are not in the habit of reviewing books we buy. And it takes some effort to do so.

There are many ways to get reviews. Some shady and some are great, but expensive. Goodreads used to let authors do giveaways. The authors could then ask them for a review. They now charge the author to do that. Which is understandable. They have to make money as well.

I am hoping to skip the middleman and simply make this offer. I will send you one of my books for free and in exchange ask you to review it.

If you are willing to do this, please contact me at

I can send you a hard copy, but it would be easiest to gift you an eBook.

Please be honest in your review. I am not asking you to give them 5 stars. (Though I would love it). If you are like me, I look at all reviews on Amazon and put my faith in the 3 or 4 star reviews. If you give my books less, than I still value your honest input. Not every book is for everyone.

A Humorous look at work.
Its 1995 and stand up comic Mikey slips into madness as he tries to escape his emotions.

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