Host The Poet Laureate

Hello. My name is Tom Cannon. In 2021, I was named the Poet Laureate of Oshkosh. Poetry carries us to the frontiers of our imaginations and helps us articulate a shared vision of the future. My role is to highlight the importance of literacy, spark creativity and foster artistic expression. The city of Oshkosh and I hope to weave old and new cultures together to form one resilient community tapestry.

If your organization would like to host me, I can facilitate a poetry workshop or give a reading/talk. I have called Oshkosh home since graduating with a major in English and a minor in writing from the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point. I have had many poems published in various journals. My wife and I have raised three children in Oshkosh and have two grandchildren. 

As the Poet Laureate, I am eager to bring people together through poetry.

If your organization is interesting in booking me, please use the following contacts:


Phone:  (920) 236-5206


Tom Cannon