Kids today don’t have a work ethic.

We tell teens and young adults that they are in the best time of their life. Because we wish we could be young again. We don’t think about how hard that time of life was. Especially today. Being adult is hard and becoming one is harder today- it seems can seem insurmountable. Good jobs that can take care of their bills and health care is scarce. Good relationships that can inspire are few and far between. Meanwhile social media shows them everyone’s best life (staged) and they compare it to the suck of their own lives.

Kids today don’t have a work ethic. True or not, it is unhelpful. I believe that many young people are paralyzed by intrusive thoughts- thoughts telling them that they can’t, they won’t. They won’t show it, but they are judging themselves harshly. When we judge them, we make it worse.

The video below deals with OCD thoughts, but explains why bad thoughts lead to more bad thoughts and how to deal with them.


How to Deal With Intrusive Thoughts

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