Rebel Poet By Louis V Clark III

I am simply impressed by this book.  It makes a statement about living in Wisconsin, being a man, and being a Native American.  I read Clark’s other books, really liked them and thought that he was done with memoir/chapbook. In this book he shows he has a lot more to say.

I think Clark wants to be a fun poet. But I believe he has grown from a fun poet with powerful truths into a truth poet that dips into his love of fun.  His first book How To Be A Indian in The Twenty-first Century had power in his words.  In his latest Book, Clarks poetry and his prose has grown in depth, power and imagery.  It’s power is in its honesty. 

I have met Mr. Clark and if you have a chance to go to one of his readings, do so.  He is a warm, wonderful person. This book (he does not brag or put himself as the hero) proves that he is what he appears to be. 

Okay, he does talk about how he had to do things better, faster, smarter to get ahead. Come to the Lakefly Writers Conference In Oshkosh where he is a volunteer and you will see he is the hardest worker.

The poems in this book were darker than his previous books, but he is more masteryful with symbolism and imagery.  The prose about his childhood is compelling and well-written. Some of his simple ideas stick with me. For example, it makes sense that mascots are Indians or animals.  People hunted both. There is much more, but read the book.

Clark’s writing cuts to the heart of matters.



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