Don’t Harsh My Calm

I work young people.  One of my jobs is to teach them about being healthy.  Today I was talking to them about mindfulness. That is to live in the present.  In explaining why we need to do that, I showed them a video about the train of thought and choosing to let a thought park itself in you mind, or seeing thoughts as on a train and letting them stay on that train and keep going.

(Here comes some more set up, which is also important).  I talked to them about having a high level of stress. If you are full of stress, it is almost impossible not to lose your shit (I used better words). So meditating and calming activities lower your stress.  It gives you practice in letting thoughts go.  It gives you more room to handle things without exploding.

I did not use and example of my own, but next time I hope I do.  It would go like this:

I had a terrible boss.  He usually chose his last day of his four day workweek to pull some baloney or make a comment. I would spend the whole weekend thinking about how I was going to confront him on Monday. I tried to put it out of my mind, but it would intrude often.  Sometimes I said something lippy on his last day, and I would spend the weekend worrying about the consequences all weekend.

I sure could have used some meditation or a relaxing activity to clear my mind and reframe my situation (I have a butthole for a boss, but at least i have a job!).  At the time I was busy as a parent, but that was not really an excuse for living in the moment and being free.


PS- I suspect that video games are not therapeutic.  Their sights and sounds wear out the senses and addicts us to them more.

PPS- Here is the link to the train of thoughts video:



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