Did Trump Mock the Reporter

His quote about liking people that don’t get captured in regards to McCain also indicates that he gets nasty when angry.

Happiness is a Skill

Set point- Studies have shown that people quickly (within six months) to their normal state of happiness after a significant event. That thing that happened to you that made you depressed, there are lifelong consequences with some things, you will return to how you felt before. The same goes for that wonderful event that was … Continue reading Happiness is a Skill

Advocate, Advocate, Advocate

You are your child’s advocate in any level of planning meetings, the professionals do want good things for your child.  But it is within the framework of what is best for themselves and their institution. My son required quite extensive interventions when he was younger.  In home therapy, early childhood, speech, OT, etc.  We were … Continue reading Advocate, Advocate, Advocate