Did Trump Mock the Reporter

We should probably file this under “Who Cares Anymore?” but Trump Mocking the reporter with a disability came up on Quora. Without negating people that feel Trump was just doing his standard mocking impersonation, I felt compelled to respond. The OP did pick out some details I hadn’t considered. This is how I responded:

While I saw it as mocking the reporter, I am further convinced by the inclusion of the details written here [on Quora]. The “look at him” and “poor guy” is different than the way he mocked other people. His quote about liking people that don’t get captured in regards to McCain also indicates that he gets nasty when angry. I also think Trump remembers anyone he has a beef with.

But there is two choices. Either he was that nasty or he was not smart enough not to make such gestures to a disabled person. Any other person at any other time would have their campaign ended by such as an action. Our country may have wanted a brash, shoot from the hip leader, but it was the wrong choice.

So did Trump imitate a person with MS?


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