Both Sides Can be Right

We’ve all seen the news where people against the Covid-19 vaccine have said  “Its my body, its my choice.”  For pro-choice people this sounds laughable and the high of hypocrisy.

I also have another slant.  Conservatives are also angry with people going go to door to try to get people to get the vaccine.

They see it as totalitarian (Nazi-like:  Marjorie Taylor Green)

They see it as being forced to do something. Which its not. But it is a contrast to mandating a vaccine.

Shouldn’t abortion be seen in the same light.  A law requiring a vaccine would cause problems. It should not be required because people should have the choice.  If there was a law, people would not do it and it would be too difficult to manage it. And let’s be honest, most people against abortions think only of the unborn child. But not all. Some do want to judge and control women.

The same with stopping abortions. People would find a work around and it would not be safe.  People would have to be arrested and evaluated.  Raped women would be put on trial. It would require the government to control female sexual organs.

People should be given the information. Covid-19 is terrible. So are abortions.  The case should be won not through force but through the presentation of facts.

Laws against abortion would lead to intrusive totalitarian rule, not door to door information on Covid-19. This does not mean I believe people should stop fighting to end abortion.  But instead the should work towards it.


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