Biden Taking Communion.

I will occasionally work with someone that has done something terrible. I’m talking murder or pedophilia. My own personal feelings may be that this person should be locked up for life.

However, that is not my job.  My job is to help them get better. My role is one of rehabilitation. So that has to be my function and it is how I function. I must not push my own views aside (and choose not to judge).

In this way, I think Biden can not be labeled as for abortion. Most likely he supports abortion because it is politically advantageous. Just as many republicans do the opposite.

But I also think something else is at play. Like my role, Biden’s role is to support and enforce the laws of the land. The laws and the constitution may be influenced by Christianity, but it is not ruled by it.  The laws say abortion is legal, so his role is to follow the law. Republicans see the laws differently. And I am not judging that. I’m saying Biden has to commit to following the law.  

A doctor may know that a patient is suffering and that it is the best to pull the plug, but he needs the permission of a family member and hopefully a living will. If he just follows his feelings (beliefs) and not his role, then there is chaos.

In the same way, Biden may see more harm in circumventing the law of the land than he does in stopping abortion.


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