Vaccinations are like Motorcycle Parking

I often passed the motorcycle parking spot at work. It was close to the door. It miffed me. 360 out of 365 days out of the year, it is empty. It made little sense. One employee can take up one space whether their vehicle is 20 feet long or 4. And why would motorcycles get preferential treatment?

If I didn’t mind a minute or two walk in to work, I might have gotten angry. I suspected the head boss drove a motorcycle and was giving favoritism.

By chance, a memo went out telling people that if you don’t have a motorcycle, you can’t park in the motorcycle spot. Then it explained that it was concrete while other spots were asphalt. The motorcycles need that so that they don’t damage the parking spots with their kickstands.

Doesn’t this go on a lot? By all of us and on many things. But as an example, so many people got angry over the quarantine. Like me, they are angry and did not bother getting the facts. There is the other issue of the concerted effort of people to disparage the experts and fire people up. But for too many things, we see something, and it seems wrong to us. But we never search out information. We never assume that people or organizations have a good reason for their actions (I actually wrote a funny novel on how they don’t).

There are a lot of stupid things being done these days. Especially by corporations. But we need to keep an open mind and always ask ourselves, “How could the opposite of what I am thinking be true? Have I looked at the facts (Not alternative facts)?”


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