Revising Your Baby

A long time ago, I wrote a manuscript about a comic who comes to believe he is an animal. I wrote it in first person. Since then, I have matured as a writer. Gotten better. I attained new tools. In this case I’m talking about the Prowriting Software.

Yet I could not attack my manuscript. Many, many, many sentences that began with I. My mind told me that was a style. A person having a breakdown would only be able to think of himself. It was hogwash.

DAOwens Publishing like the concept and I sent him my manuscript. I am thankful he edited it and just didn’t change his mind. I worked hard to make the changes that he asked and go above what he asked.

So now I understand why writers thank and acknowledge their editors. While I edited my manuscript at least ten times, I couldn’t look at it objectively.

Luckily, the second round of editing went quickly. There were like 243 changes to be made, but those were mostly punctuation. Mr. Owens I did try to get that right. I think part of it is that prowriting and you have different ideas on punctuation.

My advice to myself is get some beta readers, be willing to pay for an editor, and use software like Prowriting.

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