Interesting that this entry doesn’t talk about Trump meeting with the Taliban and making the agreement to leave.

Frankie The Earthman

The closing of Bagram Airbase by the Obama administration was not a mistake … It was a plan …

The strategic location of Bagram Airport was/is crucial to America … Friends watch this whole thing develop … The Biden administration is following through with the plans of the Obama administration for the total takedown of America … The proverbial shite has hit the fan … Develop discernment, seek God, how long are some willing to be screwed, glued, and tattooed by our pre-Trump and post-Trump administrations? Can’t you see the mosaic unfolding? …. Why were Donald Trump and his family and his administration hated so much? … Because ‘they’ stood directly opposed to all that is happening and that was being planned … Frank … More later…

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