Government Funded Adoptions

A while back I saw on Facebook a meme that asked, “What if the government funded adoption like it does abortion?”  Good question even though the government does not fund abortions. Because it could do both.

Or if people would stop fighting about abortions, both sides could spend the money they use over fighting and lobbying, on money to create a culture that supports adoption. We could take the barriers away from keeping a baby and giving it up. This includes the health expenses of pregnancy.  It also involves removing the stigma.

That would be a difficult thing for conservatives to not stand in the way of. They would have the argument that the Bible says murder is wrong and so we must make it illegal. However, the Bible has many instances of not coming out against terrible things. There are many instances in the Bible of concubines.  This is sex trafficking and rape and not even Jesus spoke out against it. 

Would some poor people get preganant to get free money from the government? Don’t they do that now? And if every life is a gift from God, then these babies for money would still be gifts and this desired.

Like the writers of the Bible, we do not have to make abortion illegal. And even the reversal of Roe v Wade would not make it illegal. It would make it up to the states, so some would allow abortions and some would not. Denying access to abortions through location is not a good idea.


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