Everything is terrible always 

People talk about the inability of government to operate. My son has orientation day for college. Just found out it that new students are charged for this “Takeoff Day” and other services.  One hundred and fifty dollars.

 This makes me mad. Sounds bogus. Where is the breakdown of services rendered. In other words, how did they come up with that number.

Yes I judge the university. They charge it because they can. It is a revenue stream.  I am however, stopping myself from bashing the university to much. If it was a business, they would charge me 200 bucks and tell me these services are free.

I also know that because conservatives have destroyed the investment we need to make education accessible. They have taken away subsidies. Which may sound like a good thing.  If people want an education, let them pay for it. The current debt young college students incur are a problem. So no.

So conservatives are in the wrong. Yet are they entirely wrong about the University system.  Tuition goes up. But keeping costs low is boring. The system is constantly building and remodeling and making the buildings fancy. 

On the other hand, a private institution would do the same. 

So private organizations, and public organizations and corporations all suck. To say the private sector can do it better is a scam. They can’t.  They would do just as terrible of job.

All we can do is muddle through.



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