Charge Trump with Manslaughter

On Facebook, I said that they first responders that die from Covid-19 should sue the trump administration.  Actually what I said was Trump should be charged with manslaughter.

Guess what I got so,me flack. Actually I got called a liberal dumbass.  There has been so much mud slung about how the leader of the other side should be in jail or charged.  I am guilt of that, but not of saying  “Lock ___ up.”

So this is my opinion. My opinion to give.  But I do believe that Trump caused deaths. (Pause to listen to Benghazzi and then ignore).  There are facts, words that he said.

  1.  He ignored the virus and did not respond to warnings.
  2. He told the American people it would all blow over.
  3. He spent press briefings bragging about what he was doing and letting people kiss his butt instead of preparing people with facts. (To his credit he let that doctor guy talk).
  4. He is attempting to get people back to work by Easter. He is doing this for his economic numbers. The truth may be certain parts of the country may not be hit as hard, but it is too early.  
  5. He canceled a contract with gm to produce ventilators because of the cost.
  6. He is trying to punish Governors of states that are worried about their people. He told Pence not to talk to them.

But then again he is a businessman. They always protect dollars over people.


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