The armed rabid people protesting reminded me of how many people quoted scripture when Trump was elected. Romans 13:1 “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” Why did this apply for people that used this quote then, but does not apply now?

I suppose my own bias prevents me from seeing examples of more liberal people having the same….Hypocrisy. But I do see that people apply one principle to one thing and not the other and that also helps them to make themselves feel/look better.

Sorry, but here’s another one. Supporters of Trump trying to disqualify Biden because of a sexual assault accustation. I do see some giving of a free pass because they agree with Biden.

Conservatives are pointing out that democrats are not attacking Biden like Cavanaugh. Interesting point though on Meet The Press that they are comparing it to Judge Devil’s Triangle and not Trump because there have been so many accusations against Trump. This is an example of picking and choosing. Trump has come right out and said that when accused, deny and attack. He was quoted on audio saying “Grab them by The pussy.”

To me the video of Trump looking at a ten year old girl and saying I am going to be dating her dating her in ten years is disgusting- a sexual proclivity and a sexual assualt.

He was clearly thinking of her in a sexual way. Something in him was triggered. Who in the world has thought of dating someone that they did not see as sexually attractive? That person does nothing for me. I am going to date them?

Trump saying he is sexually attracted to a ten year old girl!


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