Care after the Quarantine!

I am suspicious of the people that throw out that suicides have gone up because of the quarantine. Especially when they do not have any data to back it up.

It seems to me that they had never cared about preventing suicided and will not do anything about it.

To be fair, I suspect that hardships such as depression and financial hardships have not been looked at close enough and should be. However, it is possible that suicides and domestic abuse have gone down. People have less stress in their lives.  

Again, it is not a simple answer of shut down the country to save lives. But regardless of that, if everyone that used suicide as a reason to open the country back up, did something about it, then we would actually help people.  To me medicare for all would provide more resources for people with mental health issues. But many people do not want to sacrifice anything to prevent suicides.  Some of those people are those doing a “walk” to look like they care.

If everyone using abusive spouses and suicides as reasons to reopen the country, actually did something about them, our cultures would improve drastically.


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