Review of A Warning

I was given this book to read by a friend. I would not have read it otherwise because I did not think it would not give me any new information. Yet it was interesting to have watched Trump and then see what happened behind the scenes.  With everything that Trump has done, it was good to review all the utterly strange things Trump has done.

I also found the behind the scenes events at the White House fascinating. This book describes in detail how people can work for him. Besides how someone could vote for someone that made fun of a person with a disability, this was my primary question.

The author is clearly a conservative and approaches Trump from a betrayal vantage point. He also takes the time to restate and promote conservative views. It was fine, I guess, but not necessary for the thesis of this book.

In the epilogue he makes a direct correlation to 911. He went a bit overboard.

I believe that many supporters remain loyal by the fact that Trump is still in office (and by wearing blinders). This book provides the case that it is the administration that has kept him from blundering his way to being relieved of his duties and explains how this is done.

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