Last Hurrah of America First

When the Trump presidency ends, we will need to come together. There needs to be some give and take. Some concessions.

The republicans can put candidates out there that is pro-life. The democrats will  not get enraged as long as the judges appointed are dedicated to the rule of law.

A republican president can work to restrict illegal aliens. They can even build a wall as long as they do not ignore humanitarian rights and call Mexicans rapists.

Any republican can increase diplomacy as long as they do not admire despots and dictators.

Any politician can have flaws. However, let’s set the bar. Anyone that refuses to pay small companies, defaults on loans because it saves them money, refuses to release his taxes, and stands and imitates a disabled person will not be put forth as a candidate.

In other words, let’s go back to the way we were before Trump.

People went too far attacking W. People went too far attacking Obama. (Racist people did step over the line!)

Okay, that’s not good. Let’s move forward. Let’s just have a kinder, gentler nation.


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