Your Bible Your Rules

I had a Facebook argument over whether gay people should get married.  He said that they government should not be involved in religion, but when it came down to it, I got him to say the government should not allow gay people to get married.

This man is divorced.  I posted a Bible verse that says if you get remarried, you commit adultery on your first wife.  He said that he sinned ( it’s not my definition, it’s the Bible’s) However, he asked for forgiveness and moved on, so he will continue to live with his current wife. 

He is unable to put himself in someone else’s shoes.  I want him to move on and to be happy.  However, he must not think that other people are as worthy as he is. Otherwise, he would be able to picture a gay person being in love with someone and want a family with that person and not want that to happen.  He wants it to happen for himself. But not others. He applies the Bible to others and not himself.

I have the above written as a draft blog for a long time. I think I wanted to court less controversy and did not publish it. However lately I have developed another question. Hopefully I can articulate it. Okay, so same sex marriage is banned because very religious people believe it will lead them to hell. However, these people also believe their religion and their God is the only way to get to Heaven. Therefore, shouldn’t they push for Muslim and Jewish, and Hindu people to only be able to get married in the Christian church? If they get married to a non-christian, then they are going down a path that does not lead them to God (christian fundamentalists’ God)? With their logic, they should try to make any non-christian marriage illegal. Some people, like Marjorie Taylor Green, would probably actually support this.

I truly believe the problem here is that the Bible is for you to read and use to live your life.  Not to use it to tell other people how to live their lives. Not to dictate and make laws. If following the Bible is so great, then other people will be envious and imitate you. Lead by example, not by power and control.

Isn’t that the way of Jesus?

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