What is Quarantine

I was drinking a cup of coffee this morning and thinking of funerals (as one does). I acknowledged that if a loved one died during quarantine I would have been mad. I would say it does not make sense that bars are open and that protests went on, but a funeral could not be held.

Yet I could not see getting mad. In looking for a reason to see bad guys. Funerals not being held was at the beginning of the pandemic in America. People could have wore masks, but the officials said not to.  Not for nefarious reasons, but because the nation did not have enough.

Officials were looking at unprecedented times.  It seemed like the thing to do and like everybody kept saying, the approach to handling may change from day to day.

I had forgotten that bars open and the protests taking place was in a different phase. Which protests?  BLM, but also the marches against quarantine. 

So the answer may be that funerals and churches should have been opened (althought churches that did open made a lot of people sick), but to think conspiracy should be the last people think. Anger should be separated from judging what our officials do.

This can be done and still disagree with what people do.  I do it all the time with Trump.


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