If America Was a Family

There are no simple answers to welfare. It will not be solved by providing money. Poverty has less of a chance to be solved by not giving any money. We think of America as a group. We are Americans. Sort of like a family.  I think we should consider the people on welfare like the weird brother our parents are always bailing out. We care about him, so we say little as he takes our share of the inheritance. And his shaping up is not affected by tough love or being babied. 

Really the money he is given has little effect on us. Yes the group gift Christmas present costs us a little more without his pitching in. Yes he eats the food and drinks the beer we brought to the family get-together, but it does not affect our happiness, our present, or our future.

This posts does not express the fact that people on welfare have not chosen it. Bad events happen to them. Instead, it talks to conservatives who think people on welfare are only deadbeats.


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