Finite Resources

How many abortions would be eliminated with deeds instead of words; or how many babies in third world nations would be saved with the money used to fight abortions? I include the money both sides spend. The sad fact, I believe, is that abortions would not be reduced, just less safe with a reversal of Roe V Wade.

WHO Director of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele says the plateau in vaccination rates carries terrible consequences. He says about 1.5 million children are dying prematurely from preventable diseases each year.

Because we know so much about the world today, we know about suffering. decision get harder. Our resources are finite, so we must chose to save the most people we can.

PS- The Bible did not address the evils of slavery (or treating women as property or concubines). Yet through religion and the power of God, they were greatly reduced. Hopefully eradicated in the future. I think the best we can do is trust that trust in God (in conjunction with and through science) will get rid of abortions.


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