Rhetoric Sways Conservatives

People that are so affected by the words communism, Marxism need to look how they are swayed.  How rhetoric is meant to trigger something and how well it works.  Both sides need to do it.

However, I think that beginning with the tea party, these lines of “don’t trust media or politicians,”  gives this feeling of being special to certain individuals.  I am independent. I am so smart, I can see how they are trying to trick me and I am not falling for it.

Behind these people are the racists, using them (giving them the benefit of the doubt.  

Biden was vice president for Obama for 8 years.  Did we become marxists then?  And which is it?  Biden is so powerful that he will take away democracy or Biuden did nothing for 47 years.  Come on, you can’t have it both ways.


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