TV Memorable Lines

My coworker brought something up at work. It was highly random and yet it was something that like him, I do all the time.  When we put on our shoes, we think of Archie Bunker.  There was this fight Archie and Meathead had as they were getting ready.  Archie insisted that a person must put on one sock and then the other sock before putting on your shoes.  Meathead said he puts one sock on and then one shoe. They bicker.  Archie insists that his way, if you had to run out of the house, you would have a covering on both feet.  Meathead insisted that his way, if it was raining, he could hop on one foot and not get his feet wet.

Like my friend, everytime we put our shoes on (30 years later) we think of that.

PS- I wrote this in December. Recently I watched the first episode of “That Girl.” I instantly remembered a scene I thought of for many, many years. Ann has a fight over commitment with Donald. A foggy part of this memory is how she brought up being a kid and losing her roller skating key. At the end, Donald brings out a jewelry box. Ann gets very nervous, but he tells her to open it and inside is a skate key.


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