I Agree, but Huh?

“_____ staff of color feel numb. These events happen so frequently that we don’t believe they will ever stop. There are layers of trauma and fatigue. These events have a real impact on people’s ability to live their lives, to feel safe moving about in the world.”

“We need to create space for our staff, especially staff of color, to process pain and trauma. We need to create space for white staff to examine what they can do to be allies and agents of change.”

“While it is important to offer support for our staff of color, it is equally important to call our white staff to action. White people must use white privilege to end systemic racism.”

The leader of my governmental organization I work with sent the above in a lengthy email. I have to agree with what they are saying and yet the last 2 sentences bothered me. I am not sure why.

Perhaps it is because I feel called out for not doing enough for my part. That could be true.

Perhaps though, it tells me to do something I am already doing. It further divides us. We need to look at racism. Deal with it. But too many people hate the word white privilege.

Is it white privilege? Or is it the ability to live a less traumatic life. Many of us do not easy lives. We just have it less terrible than black people. Before this well-to-do white person instructs me on something. Show me what you are doing.

For any people that are focused on being sick of the word white privilege and you think I support you, you are wrong.


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