Why we have Apes

There is always that silly statement, If humans came from apes, then why do we have apes.  The answer is a common ancestor.A video recently showed a grandma primate tickling her grandson and making him laugh.

That leads me to a response question to the above silly question. If man was made in the likeness of God and animals were put on earth to serve mankind, then we are apes so much like us. Why do they laugh and love? Why do they have similar characteristics to humans?  Why do they have the ability to communicate through sign.

The Tao of Apathy
Photo by Jared Butler on Pexels.com

There has to be a connection. Whether or not animals evolve, our view on them continues to evolve. We know more about animals than those that needed to hunt and use them.

Religion can science can coexist. Can religion continue to exist without acknowledging science?


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