Are We All Donald Trump?

I tell it like it is. This is how many people are. And we need open honest communication, but perhaps we do not need more bluntness in the world. Most people that tell it like it is, say whatever is on their mind. They are not speaking truth so that the other person can get information and be happier because of it.

No, often they are saying. I don’t care how it affects other people. They are giving a piece of their mind, not saying what is on their mind. Do you see the distinction? It’s a shortcut. I could take some time and soften the blow.

On the other hand, people do not seem to change their behaviors. Whether someone is blunt with them or they realize that what they are doing is not working, they keep on the same course of action.

Now perhaps, I am getting curmudgeonly and the people in my circle are set in their ways.

Yet I see a harshness, a belligerence in the people around me.  I have experienced times when someone does something that I don’t like- an interaction with me. I take the time to not be confrontational and yet the result is always defense. Or an attack. Or a snicker.

I see times when people make themselves miserable with a cycle of a pattern of thoughts. They can identify their misery.  Often times they identify the cause of it. Yet the do not work on changing what they are doing. Sometimes it is unhealthy behaviors. Other times its in how they treat people.

Not to bring politics into it, but I think we are all becoming Donald Trump. He had to see how his brashness and mean-spiritedness caused his unpopularity. If he didn’t, he certainly had an advisors that told him, Hey pretend you care. Pivot into this position. Yet he didn’t his behavior got him to the position he is in. It worked for him in some ways.  His impudence got him so far in the race, but now it is a broken, slow horse. He could not abandoned it because he was limping forward.

As a culture, I do not know we are any better. 


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