The Second Amendment & Cars

Recently, a man was charged in a road rage shooting that resulted in a 6-year-old boy being killed. Would more gun laws have prevented this? It is easy to say no. However, my thought is how the car was able to be traced to the killer.

Why do we have better control of cars than we do guns? More regulations? The second amendment talks about an armed militia to protect us from our own government. We can have all the guns in the world, but without vehicles, we would not get very far. Not against a mobile army with armored vehicles.

People want conspiracies.  A few people do want to get rid of guns. However, most people support reasonable regulations. Rules that we are okay for vehicles. We want to take the right to own them for a few that are dangerous.  We want everyone to be registered. I could not make my own car and sell it. The government should be notified if I transfer it from one private individual to another. That is a law.

Bad people will still get guns. But if we make it more difficult to own a gun and make sure it is registered, then people like this murderer may be more hesitant.  It will not stop the worst people, but the numbers of deaths by guns will go down.

Homemade Truck. Cars have standards. so should guns


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