I Want to Mad Max

Guns kill no one; people kill people. A gun is merely a tool by which it is done. Shall we get rid of baseball bats because some people choose to use them on other peoples’ heads? Shall we rid the world of knives because some people choose to stab others in the heart? How about we teach people how to deal with their anger.

This was a comment about a Facebook post that showed how many Americans were killed by guns vs. other nations.

Guns are only a tool, it’s true, but it seems something needs to be done.  We should not get rid of baseball bats, but perhaps we could limit those bats that could bash in 45 heads per minute and could reach the victims from 300 yards away.

How about we teach people to not drink and drive? Or speed.  We do. So why do some people still end up killing people that way. And by the way cars don’t kill people, people behind the wheels do.  So why do we have traffic laws? Shouldn’t we rely on people to drive in a safe manner? Because that’s not the way human’s work.

And why do we have standards for cars?

Instead of making it illegal to drive a tank on the road, can’t we just teach people not to?

 If I made my own Mad Max vehicle with spikes and sprays oil on the road, shouldn’t I be able to?


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