Lessons and Setbacks

Walking out from work, I was walking along the road (the sidewalk is tore up), I saw a guy hesitate to pull out and then hesitiate to drive away until I had passed him.  Boy, I wanted to let this driver know he was stupid.

He gave me a wave and only then could I see he was just being careful around a pedestrian.  I then could reflect on much better it is to react kindly in situations.  It feels good to give somebody the benefit of the doubt. And it feels bad to not.  We think we enjoy letting someone have it, but internally it stresses us out.

It even feels good to be kind to those people that don’t deserved it, I decided.

I then went to a coffee shop (a chain- my first mistake) where I had ordered a coffee online.  The person ahead of me asked to have her drink remade.  The barista did so, giving movements a little extra oomph and a little bit of a scowl.  I then said I had an order. She responded in a tone. You can take it if it is yours.

You know what I did right?  I mimicked her tone.  I wanted to ask her how the hell would I know it was my order.

And that is how life goes, doesn’t it?  You learn a lesson about happiness.  Then you immediately do the opposite in a real situation.

Yet, the trying and working on it does lead to more happiness.

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