Clean Slate Poetry

The person that made my mistakes is gone. That is how we need to live. Yes, take responsibility and make amends when possible, but we must try everyday to be better and believe that we are better.

This means giving yourself a clean slate. If we spend more time than necessary with what we did instead of what we are doing, then we keep ourselves from moving forward.

Poetry can help us do that. Perhaps we need to write a poem that explains what you did and why you did it.

There should be a next step. Perhaps that next step is to write a poem where you declare yourself a clean slate. Forgive me for quoting Dr Phil (but he does give some good advice), you must name it to claim it.”

In this life we have to claim the life we want. Writing it out gives a clearer picture. Making it into a poem, gives it beauty. Our thoughts are our reality. So we have to make them positive.


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