The Badge of Writer.

On January first, my novel Shattered was published.  I have a self-published novel that I am proud of, butto have a book published by a publisher was a lifelong dream that came true.

I was also named the poet laureate of Oshkosh.  This is a recognition of how long I have been writing poetry.  I am proud of both accomplishments.  I would not change striving for these goals.

However, my message is that they do not change my life.  I thought I would be able to pick up the badge AUTHOR and place it on me and then I would lead a different life.

The truth is that both have really only increased my stress and the amount of hassles in my life.

People that I have worked with have lied to me. At times, they have verged on being hostile.

The person that was me six months ago was carefree by comparison.  I was writing and occasionally getting published.  I was interacting with people in my writing community and that was very enjoyable.

I have met many people that practice writing.  They write but never eventually submit their work to get published. I can now see that they were happy enough.  They really took writing as far as they wanted to go.

This writer is going to keep trying to get published.  But I will remember to savor the act of writing more.  Good things will come from being a poet laureate and good things will come from my book.  I hope to share my view of the human condition with Shattered and with the other books I am working on.

I hope this does not affect people’s path towards publication.  It is a wonderful thing and your experience with people may vary. It is a challenge, but it leads to many great experiences.

I also hope that people that do not try to get published call themselves a writer and they feel like one.  That is the real message of this missive. As soon as you write something (voluntarily), pick up that AUTHOR badge and wear it and believe it.


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