Replace I have to with I get to

The title of this blog is something I have come late to. It is challenging. But it works.  Whenever you find yourself saying, I have to _______. Replace the phrase, I get to ______. Then spend a few moments thinking of how that can be true.

The phrase changes your mindset. It also forces you to think of good things you might enjoy about it. 

For example, I have to live with Diabetes. It was a burden at first and I wish I would have been able to think of it differently.  I change this phrase to I get to live with diabetes. At least I am alive. Other people have diseases that they die from. I get to continue on this earth.

I get to live with diabetes and that helps me focus on what I am eating and limits how much I drink. It requires me to get physical activity.  Drinking less, eating better and exercising leads me to feel better and have more energy. Perhaps if I didn’t have diabetes, I would be a couch potato.

Actually in a way, I did think positively about diabetes. I sort of used the I get to phrase. It actually just came out:  Well Little Debbies, we had a good run. I can’t indulge anymore, but we had a good run.


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