One Little Rib

I was at a wedding recently.  Very nice wedding and couple. The Bible verse that talks about Eve’s creation was read and it really made me think.

First, there is a lot of detail about putting Adam to sleep and taking out a rib. If God can do anything, why did he put him under first.

Second- A rib.  That is not significant. Not a necessary part of your body. Why should women be subservient to men. I know many will argue that the Bible is about equal servitude. However, many see it more in the black and white way.  So why should men lead and be the head of a home. One guy had to give up a rib.  Every mother created a life giving their blood, nutrients, and chemicals. God put Adam to sleep.

Mothers have to suffer to create a life. That’s the message of that verse. Adam got off easy.

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