Trump Bloomberg Bezos


Will the Trump presidency stop our worship of rich people? I hope so. Trump’s success in business was one of the state reasons why people supported him. He will be successful because he has a lot of businesses and big homes.

I can give people that voted for him the benefit of the doubt in their decision to vote for him. 

But I think that he has shown that rich people- heads of business are not to be idolized. In Trump’s presidency, he has shown us how he got business done- underhanded and heavy-handed. It was obvious from what he said of bankruptcies and from the law suits against him that he was willing to do anything to get ahead.

Perhaps that sounds good. As long as the guy is on our side- benefits us. However, there is too much damage. Look at Jeff Bezos. He has a hugely successful business. Yet the damage to his workers and to the economy and to valuable businesses is too great.

That is not to say that rich people need to be vilified. Just verified. How did they get their success.  Did they do it with integrity and working hard or by handouts from Pops and screwing people over.

Trump has applied business practices to the government (what many always wanted) and  we see how underhanded, unmoral, and illegal those business practices are.


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