Racism is Trauma

After George Floyd’s death, Black Lives Matter took to the streets (I support the peaceful people). They spoke out against racism.  A common response was that black leaders should worry about their people having broken families and black on black crime.

Is this a case where both things can be right? I think so. I also think that black leaders can be concerned with both things at the same time.

More importantly, I think we need to not have this argument when talking about BLM. Because systemic racism causes trauma. And some people with trauma make bad choices. Its not just an internal behaviors but external ones that hurt themselves and others.

Therefore, if you are truly concerned about crime and broken families in the black communities, then you must first fight against systemic racism. Slowly we will see everything improve for blacks.  And in fact, if we focus more on trauma-sensitive schools and other environments we will see the reduction in crime, etc that affects all people.


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