Success Breeds Magnanimity.

Two celebrities were talking about their friendship on a podcast. During a sitcom they were on, they got along great and stayed connected after their show together ended.

Why don’t we all have lifelong friends like this?

Perhaps it is because they can afford to be giving.

There are some celebrities that are driven and continue to be driven because they have demons. But these entertainers obviously get along with each other and with other people.

They possess things that most people do not.

  1. Control- they have had enough success that they can do what they want. They do not feel like a device.

2) Security- they know they can have and keep the life that they want. When they have opportunities to give to another people, they give and share them.

How many people have this at their jobs? Most places have poor communication. Which leads to employers and employees both feeling like they are being attacked. This then leads to coworkers actually being attacked (not physically) because no one feels secure. Without security, people lash out.

Which then causes people to not be at their best. Without control over the time they are engaged in working and without a feeling that they are protected, everyone becomes petty and harsh.

Not a great way to be at work. Or create a friendship. Then how much does this affect people’s home life?


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