Is The Art of Conversation Dead?

How much of conversations is not conveying information, but people saying what is rattling around in their head? People want to hear themselves say it. They like to be validated, but don’t really even listen to hear what the other person’s response to it.

How much of conversations today is not thought out? Have you noticed people saying one thing and then contradicting themselves later? I have. It is not an espousal of their beliefs, but of reactions.

I am hyper-focused on conversations, now that I am a curmudgeon.  If they do not convey any information or if they are a rehashing of something that has already been said, then I am out.

Small talk is okay. Necessary and can convey interesting tidbits. Too often I think it is noise pollution to prevent something real from happening.

Okay, some people have to talk things out to formulate a position. But where does that leave the listener? Taking in information that may be disregarded before the end of a sentence.

No. I believe we should evaluate what we are going to say. We need to ask, does the listener get something from what I say? Is it helpful? Is it self-serving? If it is passive-aggressive or thought flatulence, then it is noise pollution.

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